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Structural Safety and Risk Assessment & Monitoring of Civil Infrastructure

Together with Dutch engineering firm Witteveen+Bos we have developed an application to assess Structural Safety and Risk of fixed bridges and viaducts.

The application helps asset owners in (1) always have an indication of structural safety of their assets, complying with latest regulations and guidelines, (2) prioritize renewal and renovation, (3) gain better insights in their asset data and (4) perform risk-based inspections and maintenance, thus enabling better allocation of human and capital resources.

Asset owners fill in or update their asset data, and direct safety and risk assessment calculations are made by the application. Using the API data can be transferred to and from other asset managers, creating an intelligent layer. The application can be used on desktop, tablet and phone.

Data-driven Structural Health Monitoring of new Bio-based Composite Bridge Ritsumasyl

We have developed an intelligent monitoring system for a newly built Bio-based Composite bridge in Ritsumasyl, Fryslan province Netherlands.

This award winning innovative bridge is made of a new and circular building material. To gain better insight in the material properties and condition, the bridge is fully equipped with sensors to gather data and a monitoring system for it’s analysis. We monitor the bridge on various health factors, such as its deflection, creep and fatigue. Furthermore influences of external effects such as meteo activity, climate change and user activity are being analyzed.

We are currently maintaining the intelligent layer and algorithms of the system, which process 1M+ records and run a combined 10M+ simulations per week. More information can be found on the official project website

Real-Time Traffic Monitoring

Based on a combination of open-source technology and inhouse development, we have developed a state-of-the-art traffic detection algorithm. The algorithm is able to distinguish 25+ different objects, such as pedestrians, (motor)cyclists, bikes, horses, cars and trucks.

The algorithm can run in independently on a camera image stream and can be deployed at any location, on-premise pc’s or cloud instances. Using an API the numeric results of the object counter are available for storage and further usage.

Our traffic detection algorithm is currently applied to monitor critical traffic on various locations in the Netherlands.

Traffic Route Analysis and Calculation

Understanding and optimizing driving routes has many valuable applications, such as reducing travel time, emissions and correctly allocating resources and managing flow through.

Together with experts in the field we have built a base application that is able to perform near real-time traffic activity on the Dutch highways. Crunching thousands of data points per second, it provides vehicle operators situation insights and is able to assist them in informed decision making.

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